Behind the Lens

My name is Monica True. I know you are probably thinking: Is it true? Yes , it is. It is my real name , not my maiden name, but the name I took it to be mine when I married my husband Dennis and that I believe has a lot to do with me and the way I conduct my business.

I am an editorial and commercial photographer based in DC specialized in creating clean and timeless imagery for successful people who care about their brand. Photography as I believe is more than a profession, it is a calling , and excellence is the result of teamwork between everyone involved from talents to clients creating together to bring a vision to life. Perfection is an ideal for sure, but this never stopped me from aspiring to achieve it except in the moments when little imperfections were exactly what made it so perfect ;-)

When not photographing, retouching, planning shoots , putting teams together, meeting clients and many other activities of a sole proprietor business owner, you can find me devoted to my family, my husband and my two rescued dogs , Maki and Turbo.

Brazilian Portuguese, English, Spanish German-speaker and addicted to the bone to coffee, so feel welcome to bring me one any time you stop by :-) ( a touch of cream and no sugar please!)